St. Petersburg Branch of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences (SPB IO RAS) is headed by Director — Honoured Science Worker RF, Corresponding Member of RAS Anatoly A. Rodionov. Deputy Director — PhD S. S. Timofeev. Scientific Secretary — PhD T. I. Malova.

Scientific subdivisions of SPB IO RAS:

  • Laboratory of numerical experiments in ocean dynamics (PhD D. A. Romanenkov),
  • Laboratory for modeling ocean biogeochemical cycles (DSc V. A. Ryabchenko),
  • Laboratory of ocean and atmospheric optics (PhD M. A. Rodionov),
  • Laboratory of geophysical boundary layers (DSc A. V. Zimin).

Administrative divisions:

  • Accounting department,
  • HR department,
  • Library,
  • Museum.