Laboratory of geophysical boundary layers

Leader – DSc A.V. Zimin
The Laboratory of Geophysical Boundary Layers focuses on the ocean-atmosphere interaction and wave processes using numerical experiments data, contact, and satellite observations.

Laboratory for modeling ocean biogeochemical cycles

Leader – DSc V.A. Ryabchenko
The Laboratory for Modeling Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycles researches marine ecosystems in their interrelation with Geology and Climate.

Laboratory of ocean and atmospheric optics

Leader – PhD M.A. Rodionov
The Laboratory of Ocean and Atmospheric Optics specializes in optical models of the ocean and atmosphere and optical technical means for Ocean observations.

Laboratory of numerical experiments in ocean dynamics

Leader – PhD D.A. Romanenkov
The scientific objectives of the Laboratory of Ocean Dynamics Numerical Experiments encompass simulation of tidal and wave dynamics and development of non-hydrostatic models.